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No logins, no usernames. We’re taking the familiar
in-store experience and bringing it online.

Play And you don’t have to fill in any
more of those frustrating forms.

Ready to checkout? Paydunk lets you complete your transaction in just
3 simple steps.


  • Touch Paydunk
  • Enter Pin
  • Confirm Purchase

Ready Everywhere

Complete control of your
personal and financial
information and that's
the way it should be.
Desktops, tablets, mobile
phones, you name it.  Anywhere
that you can build a shopping cart,
you can checkout with Paydunk.
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Finally, Privacy.

Paydunk returns control of personal and financial information back to you because that’s the way it should be.  And that’s why Paydunk never stores your information on servers or in the cloud.

All of your sensitive information is stored locally on your device, protected by the latest end-to-end encryption technology.  When it’s time to checkout, your informaton is securely transmitted to the payment gateway.

We’re so focused on privacy, that we don’t collect or share any of your information.  In fact, we don’t see it at all. Nobody does, except you.

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Take Back Control

Go ahead. Start buying with confidence. Your information is safe.

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Key Features

Credit Cards

You can load debit cards, credit cards, and even gift cards* into Paydunk. Once entered, data is encrypted and hidden. You can add and delete cards at any time and set a default card for business and personal use. #checkoutsolved


With the latest end-to-end encryption and bank level security available, you regain complete control of your personal and financial information. Two or three point verification is required. A unique PIN code and phone are needed to complete the transaction. #NOTsharingiscaring.


The user can add any number of shipping addresses. At checkout simply swipe through addresses without ever leaving the page. Addresses can be quickly added from your contact list in just one touch or added manually. #easyfastfamiliar


You can easily browse and search for transactions. Our simple interface allows you to sort by card, merchant or date. Transactions are color coded so you can quickly identify the status and amount of each purchase instantly. #makesmobilecheckoutsimple
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