Simplify checkout

Reduce PCI Compliance

When customers checkout using Paydunk, their financial information is passed, encrypted, from their mobile device directly to the payment gateway. By creating a fully secure end-to-end payment channel, Paydunk eliminates the need for retailers to store their customers’ personal and financial information, reducing the costs associated with PCI compliance and audits.

Simple Integration

With our plugins, integration with the Paydunk API can be completed in hours, allowing retailers to quickly benefit from Paydunk’s checkout experience without significant cost or time requirements. We’re adding more plugins all the time.

Streamline Checkout

The Paydunk customer gets to skip all of the checkout forms and simply enter their phone number and a PIN to make a purchase. Within the Paydunk app they’ll be presented with all of the relevant information and select payment methods and shipping addresses from a single screen. The whole process from entering a PIN to confirming payment takes less than 15 seconds.

Use Your Existing Merchant Accounts

Many payment solutions require a separate or new merchant account to accept payments with their software. Paydunk integrates with your existing merchant account and payment gateway, making the setup process even easier.

Customers Stay on Your Site

Unlike some of other payment solutions out there, Paydunk customers never leave your site to checkout. They are simply presented with a PIN pad overlay to enter their Paydunk credentials.