Fast. Safe. Universal.

Complete Privacy and Control

All of your personal and financial information is stored locally on your mobile device, protected by the latest encryption technology. That gives you back control and peace of mind. And as part of our commitment to privacy, your financial information is completely invisible to Paydunk, and is never collected, stored on servers or shared with third-parties.

No Usernames. No Passwords.

Paydunk uses a PIN for authentication and to approve transactions, eliminating the need for usernames and passwords, which can be forgotten so easily. Instead, you get a fast, familiar and secure experience similar to checking out in a retail store – just enter your PIN and press OK.

Streamlined Checkout

View and access all the relevant information from a single screen – sales total, payment methods, billing and shipping addresses, and email address. Credit cards can easily be changed by intuitively swiping during checkout. You can even add shipping addresses on the fly – just import directly from your contacts with one touch.

Add, Edit Credit Cards

Easily manage your account to add, edit or delete credit cards by simply scanning them into the app. They’re all encrypted and stored on your phone. Control of your privacy is literally in your hands.

Create a List of Shipping Addresses

Buying gifts online? You can add shipping addresses ahead of time or do it when you checkout. Import them directly from your contacts or input them manually.

Transaction History

You can quickly and easily view and sort recent transactions information, including date, credit card used, retailer name, checkout amount and authorization statuses.

Fast Scan-Based On-Boarding

Onboarding is effortless. Credit cards are simply scanned. Billing and shipping addresses, too. All your personal and financial information can be entered in less than 60 seconds, without using the keypad.