Paydunk’s diversified encryption technology is a universal solution for protecting data storage and safely transacting online. The technology can benefit many industries including; retail, healthcare, financial and governments.

Paydunk uses end-to-end encryption, coupled with multi-factor authentication to securely transfer, authenticate and transact online.

As a proof of concept, Paydunk has created a commercial eCommerce payment solution that can facilitate private and secure payments online.

  • Michael Marenick Co-Founder / Inventor

    Mike has a Computer Science degree and began his career as a programmer. His life took a left turn when he developed a patented technology used to incorporate eggs into topical skin preparations. The technology was developed for his mother who suffered with psoriasis. Not being the greatest cook, Mike didn’t let this stop him from growing his egg based skin care products into a business that is now over a decade old. His products are currently sold in medical spas, pharmacies and online stores. Not long ago you may have seen him peddling his products on a late night infomercial or doing sell out shows on Home Shopping Network. Mike always has to be the center of attention and sometimes this works to his advantage.

    No matter what he’s involved in Mike is a fierce competitor and hates to lose. He’s always thinking of ways to improve or make things faster. The idea for Paydunk came about due to his own frustration of seeing numerous customers abandon their website shopping carts because the checkout process was too difficult on tablets and smart phones.

  • Robert McHugh Co-Founder

    Robert earned degrees in several disciplines including Business Management; he is currently working towards his MBA with a concentration in Global Management. Rob’s business foundation rests solidly on his seven years as a Lobsterman and proprietor of Peroti inc. He quickly learned the value of putting in a hard day’s work and the reward of finding better ways of doing things. Robert has spent the last six years in corporate retail filling various roles including Omnichannel operations, Digital Customer Experience, and Global Ecommerce Operations.

    Robert is a dreamer that is often finding ways to push the limits of technology and Mike’s patience. Rob has a knack for finding easy solutions to challenging problems. Rob is self-motivated with a seemingly endless supply of energy, despite never drinking coffee or soda.

    Affected by recent high-profile data breaches, Rob’s goal is to return privacy back the digitally connected. Paydunk is the first step.

  • Steve Verdino Business Development

    Steve began his career doing market research for a pharmaceutical management consultancy. After a year of making 200 calls a day he felt it was time to try something else. Since then he’s worked in project management for a media and post production company (and did a little sales and graphic design too).

    He’s not much of a shopper, but today Steve works in corporate retail fulfilling the constant desire to think of faster and better ways to solve problems. He’s designed DVD covers, managed a few web projects and is no stranger to getting his hands dirty. When he’s not working, you can find Steve with his sleeves always rolled up, hiking, backpacking or just enjoying the outdoors. He holds a degree in Business Administration and Finance.

  • Stephen Garcia Information Security

    Stephen has 15 years of experience in the field of Information Security primarily with Financial Services. He has led security teams at several international financial firms. He is a strategic and proactive information security executive specializing in balancing business needs with risks and cost of controls. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Security Manger (CISM).

  • Kim Henry Software Engineer

    With over 15 years of experience in front and back end web development, Kim has been designing websites since her first geocities page back in the 1990s. She holds a Computer Science degree from Rutgers University and has worked on everything from thousand dollar websites to billion dollar websites! Kim is innovative, agile and loves figuring out creative solutions to tough problems. She also loves being the center of attention and will probably steal some of the spotlight from Mike. When not working, you can find her at the dance studio or rocking out with her cover band.

  • Joe Raftery Enterprise Sales

    Joe has 15 years account management and hunting sales experience. Joe specializes in strategic market acquisition, relationship management, risk management and e-commerce solutions to high volume resellers and merchants.

  • Yan Kirichenko Website Operations

    Yan holds a degree in International Business and has spent the last four years in corporate retail, working in Omni-channel and store operations. Yan brings expertise in international business development and the customer journey.

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